Thoughts On the New Changes


There are two sides to my thought process on the new changes to Splinterlands, the objective side and the personal side. I'll run through them both below.

Personal Thoughts

For my own personal self I'm not a big fan of the changes. The reasoning behind this is as simple as it is silly, they stunt my own growth! As someone who does not have a lot of (if any) outside capital to invest into any of my projects at the moment that makes swift growth in anything difficult, to say the least. I have countered that in Splinterlands by diligently grinding away at daily quests in Bronze league and hoping for the reward cards drops, renting out cards that have dropped to me, when I have the time trying to beat the market by buying low and selling high to increase my total in game capital, and more recently trying to buy cards at low prices to level them up to make better rentals. This has all been done in an effort to slowly but surely increase my power to reach higher leagues over time. However, with the new update not only do I lose out on potential Dec in quest chests, affecting SPS airdrop potential (albeit slightly), I also lose out on any chance of getting rewards cards dropped, affecting my power gain rate slowing down my progress into higher leagues and renting potential. It's quite the frustrating bummer for me personally.

That being said,

Objective Thoughts

Objectively, I think the changes are great for the economy of the game. It keeps the inflation rate of Dec down and it slows down the distribution of the rewards cards. It will also, hopefully, keep rewards cards in circulation better by keeping them out of wallets of people who will drop the game rather quickly. Hopefully we will see both some short term and long term benefits from stabilizing the economy of the game, including a relatively stable market. All-in-all objectively I see the changes as a good thing that can help keep Splinterlands alive and moving forward as more and more people start joining in. It will be interesting to see if this is the only large economic change needed to keep the economy stable or if we will see another large overhaul somewhere down the line. The one thing that I would like to see changed is a large decrease in the potion drop chance for the simple reason that I believe getting credits is more essential to new users and may help retain more players, especially ones in positions like myself, rather than potions. Either that or add the ability to sell potions on the market or a buy back function for the potions.

Thanks for checking out my thoughts on the new changes!


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