Hey, guys today I'm going to talk about the film LIFE OF PI directed by Ang Lee in 2012. This story is about a writer seeking inspiration by eavesdropping on the legend of Pi Patel. Pi's father owns a zoo, when Pai was 17, his parents decided to emigrate their family to Canada as the father intends to sell them at a higher price and he had to leave his first love. However, the ship sank and Pi's family passed away. Then, he began his journey at sea in the lifeboat at the same time with a zebra, hyena, orangutan, and tiger, Richard Parker. Pi miraculously survives, drifting in the Pacific on a lifeboat, and has a most unexpected companion. Next, I will analyze the elements and the importance of mise-en-scene in this film.

This film uses the studio shooting inside the special effects production is done indoors Ang Lee makes very stirring scenes and many of them dense like jellyfish lit up at the bottom of the sea, flying fish spread across the sky, big waves, and a misty starry sky. As well as people, tigers, and boats in these dense forms with multiple drawn-out shots. These shots are beautiful, it also conveys the smallness of man and the mystery of what he is thinking.
In addition, the pattern of God, which the mother had drawn in front of her two children, flashed when she gazed at the ocean, and the monsters in the depth of the ocean seemed to reach the sadness and memories inside Pi. The algae island might represent the idea of giving up. When Pi found that island and he removes the bracelet and ties it around the root of a tree. It shows that his heart is tied to this place and he decided to stay there forever.
Pi is wearing traditional Indian clothing which develops who the character is, he is an Indian guy coming from India. Pi is wearing a dull gray shirt which symbolizes sincerity, composure, and deliberation. It is also representing intelligence and success. He is also wearing white pants which give a sense of brightness, simple, pure, and happy character. White has the inviolability of holiness. It is also shown in the film that he believes in two religions at the same time.
The scene when a whale comes out from the ocean, uses a blue-colored light to create a mood and also suggests a non-diegetic influence. It also adds more to his acting. It uses a lot of darker tones, and shadows and produces dramatic and mysterious scenes. For example, blue light is cast on a tiger and the ocean background by a blue screen. The high-key lighting in the shot adds to the realism. The high-key lighting makes it look real in post-production. The tiger is half-lifted representing that he has a good and bad side.
The performance overall is great and the facial expression, voice, and body movement of the character seem natural. For example, they use a close-up shot of Pi mainly used to highlight the expression of people or the delicate texture of objects. The figure is in the dominant position in the scene, and the changes in the face are obvious. The eyes become the central part of the scene and they deal with the light of the eyes well and conveys the spirit with the eyes. Pi's expressionless face and wooden eyes also show the exhaustion and emptiness of his heart. The staging position of the tiger is in the full front position which shows that it has power and authority.


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