Auto Invest best way to DCA: Binance keeps doing the most to make crypto traders/investor life easier

Auto Invest best way to DCA: Binance keeps doing the most to make crypto traders/investor life easier.

I feel every day when CZ and the binance development teams wake up they think of ways to make the life of their customers easier and much better, which is why they are GOATED in the crypto space and why they are the largest centralized crypto exchange with the highest number of daily trading volume in the world. About a week and a day today Friday the 25th of November, the president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele tweeted that El Salvador will be buying one Bitcoin every day starting on the 18th of November.


Yesterday CZ made a tweet reminding the president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele and the world about the Binance feature called "Auto Invest" which allows users to Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) automatically into their favorite coin or coins every day or week or months, the best part is if you want to choose to Dollar Cost Average (DCA) within a day you can do that also by choosing whether you want to DCA every 1 hour or 4 hours or 8 hours or 12 hours, is that not totally amazing.

CZ's Tweet:

Reminder that if you want to buy Bitcoin, or other cryptos, regularly you can do so on Binance auto invest.

I do not know when Binance launched the Auto Invest feature but after CZ's tweet yesterday some people think and tweeted that binance created the Auto Invest feature because of president Nayib Bukele's tweet which I think is not true, my opinion is that the Auto Invest feature has been on Binance long before president Nayib Bukele tweeted about El Salvador buying Bitcoin daily about a week ago, what I can say is this CZ replied to president Nayib Bukele tweet talking about Auto invest as a means publication or form of PR for the Auto Invest feature and I guess it walked because people are now talking about it.

Smart move from CZ

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