Cry Baby Peter Schiff has perfected the act of being Wrong and always Complaining about Crypto

Peter Schiff doesn't miss out on any opportunity to drag crypto or say trash about crypto, but the funny thing is that he seems to have perfected the act of always being wrong about crypto for a long time now and it is sad that he doesn't learn from his failed predictions anyways, so sad for him because I see him too be one of those people that would not invest in crypto and missing out on all the possible profits because of pride or one of those that will FOMO into crypto at a much higher price.


Like in a few years maybe when Bitcoin is above $100k and is heading for much higher prices. Instead of them to invest in crypto and Bitcoin now that it is still below its all-time high at $69k and even better now that it is currently still below $21k meaning that Bitcoin and Altcoins are still very cheap compared to last year when they were at their all-time highs and very expensive, so right now we all still have a rare opportunity to accumulate more coins as possible as we can, because these opportunities won't last forever.

What Triggered Peter Shiff's Cry Bady In Him

As usual, MicroStrategy has kept to its word to continue purchasing Bitcoin whenever they have excess cash laying around even now when their former CEO and Chairman Michael Saylor our popular crypto maximalist has stepped down for the new CEO Phong Le. MicroStrategy purchase more Bitcoin yesterday to add to their portfolio even after many people expected them to sell, although the amount of Bitcoin they purchased is not as much as they used to but it's understandable because they have already purchased billions in Bitcoin over the years.

Peter Schiff came under Michael Saylors tweets to complain and rant about his company being $1.5 billion down in unrealized loss like it is his business in the first place, he also advised the company's Shareholders to get out now while they can, funny how he is advising someone about his company when he could not save his own bank. 🤣

Michael Saylors Tweet

MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 301 bitcoins for ~$6.0 million at an average price of ~$19,851 per #bitcoin   . As of 9/19/22 @MicroStrategy holds ~130,000 bitcoins acquired for ~$3.98 billion at an average price of ~$30,639 per bitcoin.

Peter Schiff's Tweet

Basically, your company has already lost about $1.5 billion (40%) on your #Bitcoin    gamble. However, if you actually tried to sell, Bitcoin would crash, sending realized losses much higher. #MSTR's foray into Bitcoin has been a disaster. Shareholders should sell while they can.


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Good post you have here.

Is not just Peter Schiff but lots of people out there also think the same way. Some have tried to discourage me, but I didn't let them. One day they will all understand. Hope it won't be too late

Thanks for sharing with us.