How I bought my first AIRHAWK tokens using Hiveengine

Honestly, I am a bit ashamed to say that this is the first time, I'm buying any token using Hiveengine, although I did more of selling on Hiveengine in the past but as for today I decided to buy my first token using Hiveengine, honestly guys it was pretty easy and anyone can do it, although I had a little hiccup along the way because my Hive was not showing in the market section of Hiveengine which was what I was going to use as to buy the AIRHAWK tokens I bought, I asked a friend on hive and he put me through then my Hive showed and I was able to by my first token on Hiveengine and also my first AIRHAWK tokens, don't worry guys I would show you how I did it below, so you can buy different tokens of your choice on Hiveengine.

Step by Step on how to buy tokens on Hiveengine.

First of all, I did my AIRHAWK tokens purchase using Hive, so what I did was I converted my HBD in the inter-market to Hive.

After converting my HBD to Hive, I logged into my Hiveengine on Hive keychain, like I said earlier my Hive intended for the trade was not showing in the market section of Hiveengine. So here is what I did to make it show so I can do my trade.

I went to my profile, then to my wallet, click on deposit, input the amount of Hive I was going you for the trade, and clicked on deposit, which converted my Hive to SwapHive and now my Hive token is showing in the market section of Hiveengine and now I can buy my tokens.

Lastly, just click on Buy token, that is all then go to your Hiveengine wallet to see your newly bought token.

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