If you can't handle Bitcoin bear markets, you don't deserve the Bull Market, Do you agree?

On this one, I tend to agree that If you can not handle Bitcoin bear markets then you do not deserve the Bull Market but still it is not about if you deserve something or not. It is just about decisions made and consequences that come after it as a result of the decision made, most people who panic sell during a bear market like the one we are experiencing now instead of buying as they can now, would mostly likely FOMO (fear of missing out) back in into the crypto market at a much higher price during the bull run or market or when the price of coins are pumping instead of buying them now when the price of all the coins is a lot cheaper than the bull run.


The funny thing about the crypto space or about some traders/investors is that during the bear market, a lot of people start to feel like the bull run will never come back again and vice versa during a bull run a lot of people get carried away by the profit and money they are making and they will start feeling like the bear market will never come again, which is not true because both the bear and bull markets are part of the nature of crypto, know this and know peace and trade better taking advantage of both the bear and bull markets.

But most people ignore that fact, and that is the reason why a lot of them find it hard to make good returns in this crypto space but the goal and expectations of every investment or trade are to make more money or good profits from them. Smart Investors or traders understand this and are getting ready for a bull run now because they have been accumulating as much as they can since and might still be accumulating more as you are reading this post if they still have the money or funds to do so, lastly risk management and emotional management are both integral to the success of every crypto investment strategy, if not things will go wrong a lot.

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