Some Crypto influencers are the greatest crypto FUD spreaders

Honestly, I stopped believing a lot of all these crypto influencers online because i feel most of them post for fun or for the main purpose of making money which i won't actually blame them because it is literally their job and it is what they use to put food on their families table but on the other hand most of them contribute to the major Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) in the crypto market, with all the misinformation they pass across in their tweets or YouTube videos and because they have a lot of followers who believe and trust them the wrong news or crypto analysis they make could affect the market.


We are not supposed to give these crypto influencers that much power over us and the actions we take but it is a free world and anyone can choose to believe what they see and in whoever they want, but for someone like me, i do not believe what anyone posts or tweets blindly, i like to verify the informations i am getting from two or three, in fact, more than three credible sources before i believe anything i see on the internet, some people might feel it is me being paranoid but that is not the case here, i have falling for wrong trades and made some wrong decision in the past because i believe in someone blindly.

So i have learned my lesson the hard way which involved me losing a lot money, now i have made up my mind not to fall victim for those kind of stuff again, so i honestly don't care if some people see it as me being paranoid, that is cool and their opinion with they a entitled too, but for me it is me being smart, cautious, safe and making decisions after doing my own research which is the right thing to do in the first place.

I have noticed that most of them contradict themselves a lot mostly when it comes to the crypto analysis they might tweet that they are Mega Bullish right now and they are ready to go all in and in a few minutes they will tweet again Bearish flag the market is going down within like 20 minutes interval which makes me question if the really know what they are doing.


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