Trading/investing is just a game to learn detachment and self-control to succeed


In trading or investment be it forex exchange or crypto exchange if you do not know how to control your emotions, you are going to get hurt a lot of times, because the trading game or market loves playing mind games and with our emotions, even though when we are learning how to trade we will be told about how much the market plays with our emotions and all, we will be like we have learned and can control our emotions but the truth is controlling our emotions is easier said than done because when you get into the live market everything becomes so real and most of us forget all we have learned or what we thought we have learned, and give in to the games played by the market.

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The Honest Truth

The truth is most of us give in a lot of times just so the pain of losing our money will stop because, to be honest with ourselves no one like to lose, and we get overly emotional once it comes to losing money, which can I understand because it is not easy watching your money go down in value, and you can't do anything about it, now the only way you can stop it from reducing further In value if it is in a dip or massive drop is by selling off which is not advisable though but no one can tell you what to do with your money, only you can decide that if you want to HODL until the market recovers and you make many your money back with some profit or not.

The Best Way To Survive The Trading Or Investing Game Or Industry

The best way to survive in the trading game is by learning how to play the game and the truth about the market, which most times lead to you being emotionally detached and that is not so easy to do, it takes time and lots of practice, self-control is very important either when in a losing trade or winning trade, so you can be able to leave the market with either less loss and more win or profit, it is always better to have more net profit than loss.


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