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The preaching of Apostle Paul is salvation to us according to the scripture.

No two men have the same fingerprint even if they are twince, not only finger print are different, the tongue is also different, the colour are different.

God made us with 75 percent water and then sound, so component and materials are from His breathe which make man living soul, the animals also have breathe of life but man's own is different because it is specially and directly from God. Among the things that come out of the mouth of the Lord is also man, not only Word.

If it's just two of you, your relationship may not last, it can stand only through the teachings of God because you would face temptations from devil. Women should submit themselves to husband, respect their husband. What makes all man steadfast is love, love your wife, your child, your neighbors, even your enemy.

If we would do what is good for our fellow men, we lend to God, the Lord would pay you back if you have mercy to others. The Lord own you and everything that you have but He still give us grace of lending to Him, He would pay us and it's with something great, thousanda, millions percent is what God pays back with, even if it's just a cup of water you give to others, God would reward you because you have mercy upon your fellow men.


The preaching of the Apostle Paul is according to how God sent him, so it's for our own good, our salvation, to live the life that God is pleased with and have good ending in heaven.

Everybody in this world have different fingerprints, the fingerprint is the identity of each everyone of us and the tongue is still another identity which is the colour and the taste tongue.

The breathe of life from God made human being different, the breathe make us superior to everything that God made. Normally, we are made with 75 percent water and the rest few percent is sand.

In relationships, you need God to interfere or else devil will dismantle the relationship but with the teachings and help from God, things would be right for you no matter what the devil may plan against you.

By doing good to our fellow men, we are lending to God because God would pay us back in many folds, that is the promise of God.


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