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DNA is how we are going to look like, it dictate what will be the weakness of our being, heart diseases or many other things.

Microbiology can't be known without microscope, there is something inside our body that we can't know or see, only can seen with microscope 🔬, the blueprint.


You would know that kind if kidney, lung you have, either weak one or good one. If you have weak kidney, you would be afraid of ice ❄, that's what is written in the Bible.

God knows the entire structure of your being. Psalm 139:14-16 describe David, so before the component of our body organs, God has already know them, how they would work and scientists can know what you look like before you are born with the help of DNA, either you are a bastard or not.

The commandments of Moses is honour your father and your father and mother. Mark 7:11-12. If you didn't respect your parent, you will die. They should benefit from you, the essence of respecting your parent is to do good to them, if you honour your parent, you should be good to them.

Giving alms cleans every sin in us, this that are compasunate did the poor righteousness remain forever, it's the promise of God. 1 Corinthians 9:9. Giving alms is out of love and love covers multitude of sins, God would cleans you if you love.

We can give without love but we can't love without giving

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  • DNA means

The molecule inside cells that contains the genetic information responsible for the development and function of an organism. DNA molecules allow this information to be passed from one generation to the next. DNA is made up of a double-stranded helix held together by weak hydrogen bonds between purine-pyrimidine nucleotide base pairs: adenine (A) paired with thymine (T), and guanine (G) paired with cytosine (C). Also called deoxyribonucleic acid.

DNA is very useful nowadays, it settles some arguments concerning the father of a child, if someone insist that he's not the owner of a child, DNA would be the one to reveal the truth, and the DNA would show the sickness they have in the family, either strong or weak heart ♥ and these can be known with the help of microscope, all that pertain with microbiology can't be known without the help of microscope, it's the one that shows the smallest particle of anything. There are small things in our body that makes us and it can't be seems else we microscope 🔬. But God knows the entire being that we are even before we were given birth to.


Honour your parent is what God says, as its written in the book of Mark 7: 11-12 and there's no other way we can obey them than to help them by heeding their advices, go to any errand the send us as they can't send us to somewhere dangerous as they love us even more than themselves. We can obey our parent by giving them alms when they are aged and couldn't work again since they've trained us with the whole money that they worked for when they were young.

Helping others when they are in need of help an giving to the poor cleanses us, that is how God designed it and it's because by giving alms, you love those that you are giving to, of which the primary doctrine is love and you can't love without giving