Live prayer meeting held on 3/01/2023


It is for our benefit when we submit and obey God

If we keep the word into our heart, it will enter but if our heart is not open, the word of God can't enter, so you need to open your heart but the one who open the heart is God.

If there are any content in four heart, the word won't have chance to enter.

You won't be able to taste the word of God if you didn't let it enter your heart.

To allow the word of God enter, that is why we do baptism and once it's done, the contents would be removed, there would be space for the world of God, the heart would be purified and the word of God would enter.

Once your heart is purified, hatred, bitterness, hanger, evil speaking will be put away and the word of God would have space in the heart ♥.

Let's lay those blasphemies, hatred, bitterness etc out of your heart so that your heart would be free and there would be space for the word of God to enter.

For us to proof that we are disciple of Christ, we need to follow the commandment of God. Wes Te not of God if the sign of God is not seen in us.


The heart won't allow the word of God to enter if we didn't find a way to let it in by cleaning the heart through baptism and good thought towards fellow human being. The word would enter the heart only if the heart is open and the those ways to open the heart is good thoughts towards fellow human being, and having good thoughts always, the more you have good thoughts towards your fellow human being, the more the Word of God would have chance to enter but still, God is the one who open the heart of human being, all that you need is just good thoughts, avoid sin, do Baptism, don't go back to sin after Baptism because you are as clean as a new born baby, always be eager to do the work of God, love your fellow human being the way that you love yourself.

Once you allow your heart to be purified, hatred, anger, blasphemies would disappear and you will experience freedom from devil, after then your heart would be free t9 contain the word of God and you will enjoy the Word of God once you have a clean heart ♥.

By following the commandments of God, people would see the sign to call us the child of God, the child of God don't fight, they don't discriminate, they love their fellow human being.