Live worship service held on 6/01/2022


If you love your brother, then you love God, if you love God, you love your brother

Your own opinion is what you would execute if you didn't learn something new, but the opinion would be given to you if you leave

You will be producing your own way if you are using your own understanding but if you use the understanding of God, you will produce something of God.

You will understand the patch that you are going to work on if you learn the way of God.

God would open your understanding if you want to learn from God.

It is important to have fear of God


There's no other way we can love God than to love our fellow human being; love your brother to be precise. Through loving God, you would love your brother, through loving your brother, you would love God because God own man and everything concerning man.

You need to learn the way of God; how to behave in a way that God is pleased with because that is the only way you can please God as you can't use your own mentality or thinking to do things, you need to do things in a way of God, so you must learn Godly things.

Apart from the way of God that you need to learn, learning don't stop, you need to learn new things everyday because the more you learn is the more you know, if you didn't learn new things, you won't know new things and you won't proceed, you would be at a place just like a stagnant water that smells after its been in a place for some times, if water gets spoils as its in a place, then not learning new things can make you be stagnant and rotten later.

You can't use your own understanding for all man, that is why it's necessary to call meeting and plan how things might go by bringing different opinions. Don't use the understanding of man, you would always be wrong, you will never be right of you use the understanding of man, the way that God teach you to do it is the best way, that is why you need to learn the way of God and God is ready to open your understanding if you are ready to learn the way of God.

  • May God help us always. Amen