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Hello everyone, I invite you to take a short walk to see the development of my plants in the garden I have a certain reason, today I invite you to see my old age journey here as a garden craftsman .


I may not be a person who is good at gardening if you think about it, it was the passion and desire that drove me to learn to grow crops, I had a sincere intention that I could do something that made me love a side job. Gardening is not a difficult job if you think about it, with good intentions from the beginning of the planning I hoped for, I think there are so many benefits if I create a side job, in my spare time I can clean up agricultural land that has been abandoned for a long time.

A few months ago I lost my job, and my contract period in my job at a company, I thought I had to make a decision that would allow me to continue to grow, I didn't want to sit and slack off while my job was up. Empty land overgrown with weeds and abandoned trees, this all requires extra effort to clear the weeds that are a problem.


Water gourd is a sweet pumpkin which is a vegetable, I think it's good if at my age I have entered retirement to create my own job, gardening is indeed a tiring job if done manually, I have no influence on it because my hobby since small, actually I haven't done the same thing in a long time, my grandfather is also a great gardener he is able to control how many plants they cultivate.



Pumpkins are harvesting, I pick some of the pumpkins to cook, and some of them are sold. The garden is not so big, I planted two and three types of plants there, spinach and kale, all planted side by side, I think it will make it easier for me to water and clean the weeds that interfere with the growth of my plants.



It's really a coincidence, actually I already had the desire to garden when I still had my regular job last year. This garden is not far from home, usually in the morning I always come and give some liquid organic fertilizer for better growth. The air is so cool and the frost dripping from every leaf of the plant I feel this plant is very lush and light green in color.



The garden which has an area of ​​about 300 meters has two types of plants that I love, namely water pumpkin and kale, all sown in a natural way without being given ethexide, I think pests will like my plants, all this smells natural without midges poison.



And this is a two week old type of kale, all of this looks so lush, this work really satisfies me completely, sometimes all day I'm in the garden there's so much work to do.

I have no expertise in gardening, I learn as needed. When I was little, my grandfather was a great gardener, I still remember the things needed in gardening, since grandfather died everything changed drastically, I had to learn from scratch to start farming.

Thank you for walking with me in such a short time!!


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