[Splinterlands] Share your Battle Weekly Challenge: DRAGON


First post about the Splinterlands Battle Weekly Challenge (DRAGONS).

Link to the battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_17a723e33ae4d1a1bbf52ded44f719e4&ref=orenj1



imageNo modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics

Total Mana: 22
Usable Elements: All elements

Opponent's past 5 battles: Using Death deck with Thaddius Brood as summoner and Cursed Windeku as tank.

I think Djinn Chwala might be a good counter with the thorns ability as well as an added protection of shield.


Role: Summoner

The only Dragon summoner I have which has a universal effect of adding 1 shield to all allies

Role: Sub-tank

Cheap and tank the first hit from the opponent to reduce damage taken on my main tank

Role: Main Tank/Main DPS

The Main DPS and tank with thorns ability to slowly chip off the opponent's HP

Role: Support

Provide added support to my allies by giving an additional 2 shield

Role: Healer/Sub-DPS

A Sub-DPS to shoot the opponent from afar and at the same time healing my ally at the front

Role: Sub-DPS/Flying

A Sub-DPS with the opportunity ability to finish off any opponent with the least HP and trying to dodge any sneaking with the flying ability

Moving on to the battle
Round 1


As expected, the opponent went with a Death-themed deck using Thaddius Brood as summoner and Cursed Windeku as a tank.

The battle started as a 5V5 with my team decreasing 1 HP due to the effects of Brood and having an additional 1 shield due to Arnak's effect.

Death elemental immediately killed my Truthspeaker due to the snipe ability and my team managed to do some damage to Windeku with Gargoya dying.

The battle ended with 2 of my allies dying and became a 3V5.

Round 2


Due to the flying ability of the Harpy, she managed to survive the sneaks of Silent Sha-Vi and Undead Badger till round 2 and died at the end of this round.

My team managed to do some damage to their Windeku as well, decreasing the health and the round ended with the shield of my Djinn completely broken and became a 2V5.

Round 3


The round began with Windeku dying by my Djinn's thorns.
As the battle went on, my team managed to kill their Silent Sha-Vi as well and Crystalsmith healing some of my Djinn's health and became a 2V3.

Round 4


The round began with Death Elemental killing my Crystalsmith.

Undead Badger then got killed by my Djinn's thorns and my Djinn managed to kill their Death Elemental rendering their archer useless having moved to the front, becoming a 1V1.

Round 5


As range is usually useless at the front, the battle ended with my win!




I shouldn't have spent the 3 mana on the Truthspeaker as the Death Elemental has snipe which could kill my Truthspeaker immediately. I should have swapped the Truthspeaker with something else more useful such as a Stitch Leech.

Thanks for the challenge Splinterlands team! Looking forward to the next one!