[Splinterlands] Share your Battle Weekly Challenge: XENITH ARCHER (2)

Second post about this week's Splinterlands Battle Weekly Challenge (XENITH ARCHER).

Link to the battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_665b63894b8049cda75eab910dffc2a4&ref=orenj1


imageNo modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics

Total Mana: 14
Usable Elements: All elements

Opponent's past 5 battles: Using Death deck with Cursed Windeku as Tank and Thaddius Brood as summoner.

As the opponent is using a thorns-based deck, I thought of using a thorns-based deck to counter as well with a low-mana ranged unit at the back to deal some cheap damage.


Role: Summoner

A Dragon summoner which has a universal effect of adding 1 armor to all allies

Role: Main Tank/Main DPS

The Main DPS and tank with thorns ability to slowly chip off the opponent's HP

Role: Sub-Tank/Sub-DPS

Deal some cheap damage to their tank while avoiding the thorns damage and helping tank some sneak damage

Moving on to the battle
Round 1

As expected, the opponent went with a Death-themed deck using Thaddius Brood as summoner and Cursed Windeku as a tank.

The battle started as a 2V4 with my team decreasing 1 HP due to the effects of Brood and having an additional 1 shield due to Arnak's effect.

Windeku and Djinn then started to deal some damage to each other. My Archer's armor also got destroyed by their Badger while at the same time dealing some damage to Windeku.

Round 2

My Djinn's armor got broken by Windeku while my Archer died to their Badger. My Djinn dealt some thorns damage to their Windeku but missed the attack, failing to finish off their Windeku this round.

This round ended as a 1V4.

Round 3

The round began with Windeku and Badger dying by my Djinn's thorns. My Djinn also managed to finish off their Shade becoming a 1V1.

Round 4

With the Agent being a neutral card with no damage and abilities, he got destroyed by my Djinn, ensuring my victory in this battle!



The Xenith Archer has been helpful this battle dealing some cheap damage and helping my Djinn Chwala block some sneak Damage from their Undead Badger. As this is a low-mana battle, I think Xenith Archer is quite suitable along with Djinn Chwala being able to deal counter thorns to the enemy and a decent melee damage of 2.

Thanks for the challenge Splinterlands team! Looking forward to the next one!