[Splinterlands] Share your Battle Weekly Challenge: HILL GIANT (2)

Second post about this week's Splinterlands Battle Weekly Challenge (HILL GIANT).

Link to the battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_2bb94331af137254bd71308e946026b1&ref=orenj1


imageNo modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics

Total Mana: 12
Usable Elements: All elements

Opponent's past 5 battles: Using Water-themed deck with Kelya Frendul as summoner and mainly Serpent of Eld as main DPS/tank.

I thought of using a Earth-based magic deck to counter the increased protection.


Role: Summoner

A good Earth-based summoner that adds 1 magic to all allies

Role: Main Tank

A cheap main tank suitable for low-mana decks with 6 health

Role: Main DPS/Sub-tank

A decent sub-tank with 6 HP and flying ability to avoid some attacks and main DPS with 1 magic damage

Moving on to the battle
Round 1

As expected, the opponent went with a Water-themed deck using Frendul as summoner. However, since this is a low-mana battle, so Eld wasn't chosen as their main DPS/tank.

The battle started as a 2V2 with both summoners buffing their respective teams.

The battle started with Peryton attacking Sethropod and their Narwhal aiming at my Peryton due to its snipe ability. Sethropod and Giant then attacked each other.

Round 2

The round began with Peryton finishing off Sethropod, moving Narwhal to the front, securing my victory since Narwhal is a ranged unit that is unable to do any damage to my team when it is at the front. Giant then proceed to destroy Narwhal's armor, ending this round as a 2V1.

Round 3

Peryton attacked Narwhal while Giant missed its hit this round.

Round 4

Peryton ended the battle with my victory this round by finishing off Narwhal!



For this battle, I used Hill Giant in a battle with low mana, 12, which I think is the lowest cap for mana in battles. Since Goblin Psychic would exceed the mana cap by 1, I paired Hill Giant with Regal Peryton instead which is another good earth card that I usually use and the result turn out to be good as well.

Thanks for the challenge Splinterlands team! Looking forward to the next one!


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