Cent stands firm in a bear market


Greetings to.ogos de hive happy Sunday to all.

It is no secret to anyone that we are in a market where many tokens have fallen, the market is being low at the moment, but in such a situation is when we should take advantage of acquiring tokens that allow us to have a good portfolio at the end of the year. markets for the end of the year their trends were low but last year has not been the same, everything was contrary.

Hive, after having reached its maximum limit since its creation, is currently in free fall.

It is time to wait a bit and buy cent, as you can see in the graph, it has risen a bit, it is one of those that has remained and for me one of the best chips and that its creator @anadolu has been one of the most sincere in maintaining the token since its arrival in the second layer of hive and that in the future we can see this little one grow.
the images are captured from leodex.


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