The day without Internet


The use of technology that contains the Internet has become necessary in these times in which we live where most of the procedures, transactions, communications are carried out with the use of the Internet. We have become dependent online on the use of the internet as it keeps us active and we communicate live and in record time.

Unfortunately, the failure of the internet is a problem that afflicts the majority of Venezuelans since the service is deficient due to many factors, lack of maintenance in the transmission equipment or simply the use of low-quality equipment that contributes to the service deficiencies.

I sleep approximately 15 to 20 minutes when my body needs to rest whether there is internet or not; There are days when I return from work more tired than other days; I take a short nap and get back to my activities. If there is no internet, I simply occupy my time in other activities that also keep me busy and with my mind in production.

When there is no internet I dedicate myself to activities such as reading, cooking, reviewing the classes I give as a teacher, I take care of my nieces, I prepare drafts of the posts that are about to be published; In short, various actions that keep me active without falling into a state of anxiety due to not having an internet signal.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the internet failure in Venezuela is something that happens daily; there is a decrease in browsing speed, or simply the internet signal becomes absent. It is a problem that the Venezuelan government gives little importance to since they are simply not interested in having a well-informed and well-communicated people

The internet failure would be resolved with a significant economic investment in technology that allows us to improve the connection signal and where our activities via the web are more fluid, favoring communication and work through networks, which would generate greater technological development in Venezuela. favoring the sectors, economic, health, production, education to name a few.