RE: Hive Openmic Week #127_COVER OF "Lord I Want to Be Like Christian in My Heart"//ENG/ESPANOL

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My dear brother...
I'm very fine right now, I have made provision for insecticides and mosquitoe nets to avoid the lots of mosquitoes around here..
Thank you so much for this awesome care and attention brother 🙏💞💞🙌🙏🎺🎵🎵 I love you so much sir

Self and neighbor love are the best example of humility we can give, not denigrating others and accepting our mistakes and then making amends...that is a good start 🙌😀💛

This is very correct and I agree with you brother..
It's very important to show love to each other and not looking down on anyone no matter how life treats us... The best way to show humility is accepting our mistakes and taking corrections, humility shows best the good brother hood character and it promotes peaceful living...
Thank you so much brother for your valuable presence...🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️💜💞🎵🎵🎺🙏💞