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“Every problem has three solutions: my solution, your solution and the right solution.”


I was reflecting a bit on the ideas for the weekend post; I confess that every suggestion given makes me think a lot and, even if I don't write about everything, I still think about everything. Original im src

In this case I stopped to think about the problems listed and which one I would choose to solve... in the end I didn't make it so I decided to face the task differently; I will write about why I believe that the issues on the list should be addressed without ifs and buts.
I'll write straight away what comes to my mind about these problems and let's see what comes of it...

Hopefully not the usual delirium of words lol!

💻 So the first item on the list is unemployment; I believe it is one of the greatest plagues of our time; they say that work ennobles man and I have already made a very thorough "escursus" on this in my other posts. I believe that, like all sores, this too must be eliminated but, I also think, that there are many actions that can be taken to deal with this problem in a different way ... for example, I am trying to get rid of the problem of work so unemployment or the less I will be able to live with dignity.
Here I think that perhaps we should provide everyone with the tools to achieve financial freedom so that they can choose; obviously both in work and in the alternative path there are and there are many sacrifices to be made... nothing is given to us and it is important to be fully aware of this.

📃 The second item on the list talks about illiteracy; I believe that it is essential to guarantee education, at least basic, for everyone. It is one of those rights that cannot be ignored, as well as free education.
In order for there to be more awareness, it is essential to know how to read and also write to inform oneself, increase one's knowledge and be able to take the right to choose.

🏠 The third point talks about homelessness; this is also a really big problem that should be seriously addressed and resolved as soon as possible; there are many homeless people who live on the street and, the greatest tragedy is, that in cold periods many people die precisely because they do not have a roof over their heads.
In 2023 I think this is really unacceptable.

🐶 Fourth point, we talk about animal cruelty; as an animal rights activist I hesitated because, I was thinking about the starting point given to us and probably when cornered I would have chosen this as the problem to be solved.
Obviously cruelty must be well understood; I'm not against hunting or fishing if they allow you to feed, but I believe that gratuitous violence, done for sport, doesn't make sense also because, again in my opinion, killing cannot be called sport.
In any case, I hate those who abandon their dogs or kittens in the summer when they go on vacation, those who go fishing (my brother) and then don't eat the fish, those who kill spiders or lizards when it would be enough to get them on the shovel and take them out... death is a natural thing and has its meaning, killing doesn't.

💣 Last point, organized crime; here I would not have chosen this as a point because I should have been bad. In my land the mafias thrive so if you ask me this is a problem that should be eradicated rather than solved.
I'm a good person, a pacifist, but I confess that the punishment I would give for the mafiosi would be to take them to the public square and leave them in the hands of the crowd... do with them what you want, so I would say.
These people are useless people, scourge for the world and have no sense of existing; they are those people who when they die and you find out about it, at least as far as I'm concerned, you don't even mind humanly.

Usually I react by saying... too late died and too little suffered; I know I'm a bit mean but I admit, I really don't mind!

Well at this point I'll stop otherwise I risk going on for hours, maybe we'll pick up on these topics in future posts.
In the meantime, thanks for coming this far and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Hug you!

🔘 🔘 🔘

Brave heart and gentle tongue will take you far into the jungle...

English is not my first language but I try, please forgive any errors.


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