Splinterlands weekly challenge " haunted spider"


Today i saw splinterlands weekly challenge , and as a splinterlands player and as am always up to challenges , i decid to do the challenge and shearing it to show u all the way how i battle in splinterlands .
So the challenge for this week is to use a dead monster called "haunted spider" in a battle .

********haunted spider ******
*********state ************
Speed ; 1
Rang attack ; 2
Mana ; 3
Health ; 2

So i clicked on battle to see fire the elements that i have allowed and how much amount of mana and battle rules , it was like this :

  • Elements allowed;
  • fire
  • dead
  • earth
  • life
  • mana ; 25
    Rules ; Keep Your Distance (manster with melee attack can't be used in battle).

With those conditions i already had a perfect strategy for it to use it with dead monsters and with haunted spider especialy, and it was like this :
1- using " contessa L'ament" as a smomoner to take -1 from rang attack ( archer's )
2- distracting opponent monsters by a monster with large health and i chooseed
"Peaceful giant" for this job .
3- using "crepping ooze "to slow down monsters opponents.
4-using one a rang monster with snip ability to hit my opponent snip monster .
5- using strong range monsters with 2-3 range attack to hit the first line , and i chosed to be : "haunted spider" and " grim ripper" with and "grenadeir". And those monsters was perfect for battle conditions.

So the battle start with my opponent have chosed fire monster to take advantage from there speed . And this how i managed to win the battle :
*** ***** round 1 *********

I start with taking -1 range attack from opponents range attack (only archers) thanks to sommoner that i choosed ilso taking dow -1 of speed thanks to cripping ooze , but it's didn't took so long to take down cripping ooze , but i managed to take dow he's first line monster.

********* round 2********


After ending the round one wth both of use have take down one monster , it start be clear that i was going to win the match , because i takedown he's first line monster that protecting the othores. So second round i takedown two of my opponents monsters, and then i maked sure that the win is mine ( actually i know it from beginning😅)

********* round 3 **********

Second round its was easy to takedown the three monsters with advantage of 5 to 3 and i finished strong .

And if you want to watch the match this is the link :


So i guess "haunted spider "
was useful for this match with his low mana even he was slow , and as a useful monster for normal matches hmm... i think its won't help u a lots .

So... this how i did the challenge and i enjoyed writing about it and am always up to more challenge , thanks for reading .



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