Mi viaje para convertirme en trader #6 / My journey to become trader #6


Hola amigos, ya sé que es un poco tarde pero aún sí veremos si ganamos algo hoy, empecemos.

Hello friends, I know it's a little late but we'll still see if we win anything today, let's get started.

Capital inicial: $38.44
Take profit: $0.5881
Stop loss: $0.3844

Initial capital: $38.44
Take profit: $0.5881
Stop loss: $0.3844

BTC/USDT Entry price:17 338.81 LONG Leverage x5

Pues aunque al principio estábamos en verde se nos dio la vuelta y perdimos pero no importa, puede que abra otro trade.

Although we were in the green at the beginning, it turned around and we lost, but it doesn't matter, I may open another trade.

Capital inicial: $36.31
Capital final: $38.02
Porcentaje de ganancias/pérdidas acumuladas: +4.5%

Initial capital: $36.31
Ending equity: $38.02
Percentage of accumulated profit/loss: +4.5%.

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