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Limitations explain

1.Noxious Fumes-All Monsters start the battle Poisoned.
2.19 mana
4.All Decks usable except Dragon

0 mana monster

Buff monster

Melee monster

Sneak monster


This is a 19 mana match allocation with Noxious Fumes and all types of Decks are usable. Few problems to take note in this match is that which is the most "suitable" deck to use and the most important point of all is the match limitation which is Noxious Fumes. Every decks have their pro and cons, what i suggest is that try to categories is the opponent using melee, range or magic based deck and then you choose a deck to work against it. For 19 mana every match will have different types of high/ low mana monster to summon. Last but not least Noxious Fumes strategy is to survive as long as possible in the match.


Since this match have Noxious Fumes without thinking the Fire Deck Monster Forgotten One. I greatly recommend Forgotten One for Noxious Fumes matches mainly because of the ability (Immunity) that comes with it together, this monster is not affected by the Noxious Fumes damages at all, therefore increase your winning rate by a lot. Definitely you can choose cleanse monster to protect your main tank for 1 or 2 round but an additional slot and mana is needed as well so might not be so worth which is what i think. Summoning only Forgotten One already use up most of the mana, what i think is that to have an "effective" teamplay offensive and defensive monster must be present to increase your odds in winning. My summoner already cost 4 mana + Forgotten One which is 9 mana after deduction i am only left with 6 mana to utilize. Sneak monster is always my favorited, therefore Tenyii Striker is chosen due to its high HP and attack after the buff from summoner most often than not able to kill the opponent monster in 1/ 2 rounds and surviving till the end of the match. Now i am only left with 1 mana i chose creeping Ooze as i want to slow down opponent monster to give the advantage of attacking first to my monsters what i think is speed is a very crucial factor in every match. Lastly there is still empty slots and if you have a 0 mana monster to summon you should always do that for an extra defense in tanking. I choose to put my 0 mana monster and Creeping Ooze in the front of my deck is because there is Noxious Fumes where all the monsters will take damage every round regardless of ally or foe and which monster is able to survive the longest till the end of the match will be the winner even not giving out and damages. Even if i does not put the Scorch Fiend and Creeping Ooze at the front of my Deck they will be dead after first round might as well use them as a tank to delay the damages to the Forgotten One.

Into the match

Opponent use the same strategy of putting a 0 mana monster at the front and using a Cleanse monster to prolong the life of the first monster. The opponent had anticipate that i might be using a Sneak monster as well so he put a 1 mana monster at the back.

Round 1:

Screenshot 2023-01-05 093642 1.jpg

Sneak monster do help a lot in clearing the opponent monster.

Round 2:

Screenshot 2023-01-05 093729 2.jpg

Opponent Cleanse monster did help its tank to avoid the Noxious Fume damage in the last round but the Cleanse monster is taken down by my Sneak monster.
Round 3:

Screenshot 2023-01-05 093801 3.jpg

My Sneak monster manage to take down opponent 2nd tank as well which is helping my Forgotten One to avoid even more damages.
Round 4:

Screenshot 2023-01-05 093835 4.jpg

In the end i managed to win this match because of my Sneak monster
Round 4E:

Screenshot 2023-01-05 093905 5.jpg

Did your strategy really works?

I think my strategy works pretty well but i am lucky to have a Sneak monster in my team lineup to make this an easier win.

Liking for Forgotten One❤️❤️

I will not say i like this monster however it is a good monster to be summon during Noxious Fumes matches even sitting at a mana consumption of 9. Normally in other matches i will rather use the 9 mana to summon monsters that will be more "useful" example like Shield ability for melee and range monsters attack etc.



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1080 TK.jpg

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