SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! 12/01/2023



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Limitations explain

1.Fire & Regret-All Monsters have the Return Fire ability.
2.Rise of the commons-Only Common and Rare Monsters may be used in battles.
3.32 mana
4.Only Life and Water Deck

Main tanker

Tank monster

Melee monster

Sneak monster

Sneak monster

Sneak monster

Round 1:

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Round 2:

Screenshot 2023-01-12 143521 2.jpg

Round 2E:

Screenshot 2023-01-12 143607 2E.jpg


From my point of view this match is quite straight forward as only 2 teams are usable and this match can be consider a high mana allocation match. Therefore i choose a Legendary Life summoner(Legendary summoner enable you to summon monsters up to level 3 even when the summoner is only level 1) i choose this 2 mana more summoner as i can summon higher level monsters and not forgetting the buffs the summoner will bring in to the team monsters. I am a big fan of Sneak monster so when the choosing of lineups i choose my last Sneak monsters leaving the remaining mana to the defense monsters. Feral Spirit although at 1 attack damage only but most probably it will have the advantage to start first in this match. Stitch Leech at 2 attack and 2 speed not a very impressive monster but since it is a Sneak monster adding it with other Sneak monster together will always be a good choice. Last sneak monster in the team is Silvershield Assassin, normally i does not really use this monster as it has a high cost mana of 7 to summon and only have an attack of 1 even though it has the double strike ability for it's turn but still not so worth from what i think. Anyway i just use it since i have other sneak monsters as well. I choose Silvershield Knight over other defence monster as it is able to add additional damage to all my monsters and i see this as a huge boost to my attack damages. These 4 "essential" monsters have already use up most of the mana allocation. I try to maximized the effectiveness of the remaining mana and also put into consideration of the number of slots that is available and Gargoya Scrapper and Chaos Knight is the best combo that i can get with the slots available and remaining mana therefore i choose them. These 2 monsters Gargoya Scrapper can be great against magic attacks however i don't think opponent will be summoning one in this match but as an extra tank and extra armour from summoner at only 1 mana is very worth it. Chaos Knight is always a good tank against melee or range attack due to it's Shield ability and more armour from summoner will makes this monster tougher.

Into the match

Opponent has a totally different strategy from my melee team. Opponent choose to use a range lineup with a summoner that add range attack to its monster. As my Silver Assassin manage to bring down the opponent main tanker and make this match a easy and simple win.

Did your strategy really works?

I did not really think my strategy will works so well in this match. If you go into the portal and watch this match you will be amazed by how powerful this combo is however i also cant deny the face that i have a few high level monster in the lineup to further boost this strategy effect.

Liking for Silvershield Assassin❤️❤️

Initially i does not fancy Silvershield Assassin at all but after this match i am in love with this monster. It is very useful when your opponent has an extra armour and your double strike ability will be very useful here to bring down the armour and straight to the monster HP. Even more powerful when team up with another sneak monster and Silvershield Knight.



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