SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! 19/1/2023



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Limitations explain

  1. STAMPEDE-The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.
  2. MELEE MAYHEM - Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position.
  3. 21 Mana
  4. All deck usable

Main tanker

0 mana monster

Non-attack monster

Sneak monster

Sneak monster


This match can be tricky, why is that so because all deck is usable which means you choose the deck with highest possibility of winning, every deck got their pro and cons. Based on last few match played by the opponent i make a bold assumption that opponent might be using Earth deck and most people play Earth deck is Magic based lineup, therefore i choose Death deck to counter against the opponent lineup. As i assume it is a magic attack so my main tank monster is Pelacor Deceiver, i choose it because of it's high HP and also it's Flying ability / High Speed that can be very useful in avoiding damage from opponent monsters. Tanking for a few rounds in the match shouldn't be a problem. This match only allocate a total of 21 mana most probably a free slot for 0 mana monster will be there and if you happen to have 1 will be great as the match limitation allows melee monster to throw in attack no matter which position you are at plus an additional tanker will always be an extra line of defense. Follow by Riftwing although it does not have any attack at all but when level up it's abilities can be as powerful as an attacker and defense can be on par with a defender, what i think is that it is one of the most powerful attack plus defense Death Deck card to be used. Using of Sneak monster is always my favorited thing to do breaking down the opponent defense from the back is always more beneficial than attacking from the frontline. I choose Uraeus and not Silent Sha-vi at the last slot due to it's has an extra armour that comes together, which is 1 more defense at the back.

Round 1:

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Round 2:

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Round 3:

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Round 4:

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Round 5:

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Round 6:

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Round 7:

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Round 8:

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Round 9:

Screenshot 2023-01-20 090052 9.jpg
Round 10:

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Round 10E:

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Into the match

Indeed what my assumption of team opponent most probably might be using is correct but this is still a tough battle. As the opponent summon 2 self-healing monster and the 2 self-healing monsters are with high Hp and i almost unable to bring them down before all my monster is down. I am lucky that i have Sneak monster in my lineup to help bring down the last line of defense of the opponent.

Did your strategy really works?

I think my strategy work but does not in a very good way my defense monsters are almost taken down before all opponent monsters are dead. I am gald to add in Sneak monsters that help to contribute to this win.

Liking for Riftwing❤️❤️

I like it a lot whenever i use Death Deck most or even all the time i will be using it because of it'3 3 abilities making it to be suitable for offensive or defensive. What better is that this monster only require 4 mana to summon that is a great bargain.



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Your battle is awesome. I think Your strategy contributed a lot in this battle. You are right, most people use the Earth element because it has enough magic increasing summoner and card. However, if kron the undying had stayed till the end, it would have been a bit difficult. But before that both of your sneak ability cards made the job easier by eliminating him. Your card placement and presentation is excellent. Thanks for sharing.