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Limitations explain

1.Earthquake - Non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.
2.Little League - Only Monsters & Summoners that cost 4 Mana or less may be used in battles.
3.25 Mana
4.Only Fire, Life, Death, Dragon Decks

Scavenger of lives tanker

attacking even at 2nd position

Leeching of life with attack

Sneak attack monster

Sneak attack monster

Range attack

Round 1:

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Round 2:

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Round 3:

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Round 4:

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This is an Earthquake match which means even if your monster does not do any actions at all you will still be damage by the end of the round. The solutions are either you summon flying monsters or another way is to use a Flying summoner to have your whole team equip with the flying ability to avoid the damages of every round. With this limitation in mind if you does not have the flying ability for your monsters you must use monsters with high health to be at an advantage. However there is a limitation of Little League (no monster with more than 4 mana can be use) which also means the strategy of using high health monsters is not possible. For me i decide to use a Flying summoner Brighton Bloom to make all my summon monsters negative to the Earthquake effect however i will be at a disadvantage as my Brighton Bloom only gives flying ability but not not other Summoner that gives + attack, speed etc. Since i does not have much card to spare for my dragon deck i choose to pair it with Death Deck choosing Riftwing as my first and main tanker due to its Scavenger ability which i strongly believe will be able to hold the opponent attacks for some time. Based on the style that i am playing a Riftwing alone will not be sufficient enough although it can be quite a strong monster for tanking because of its ability, therefore i choose to select another monster for tanking ability also and with the limitation of Little League my choices of monster will be very small. Although Twilight Basilisk does not seem impressive to me in any way i will choose this monster for its Reach ability and the additional armour. Since i have the flying ability in a way i do not need to worry about low health monsters, as long as my monsters does not take damages from opponent they can survive even with the Earthquake. Since most of the monsters in Death Deck is about leeching so i choose Life Sapper in a way as tanker and also magic damage to the opponent monsters. Sneak monsters are my favorite and how can i miss them out especially they are 4 mana and below monsters, therefore Undead Badger and Uraeus appear into the lineup. Only a few more mana for me to choose a suitable monster and only 4 or below mana monster so i choose Soul Strangler an average monster to add into the team but i believe it will be able to do it's job well.

Into the match

Opponent use another strategy of summoning Thaddius Brood which put my mosters health with more than 1 mana to be at a great disadvantage of minus 1 health which also means as long as damage is receive my monster most probably will be down.

Did your strategy really works?

Quite lucky to say that in this match it is not my Deckplay strategy that stands out but is because of the strategy i use for the limitation that stands out which is Brighton Bloom summoner. The Earthquake helps a lot in taking down the "important" monsters of the opponent. Leading my Deck to a beautiful win.

Liking for Life Sapper❤️❤️

I do like Life sapper a lot because of its leech ability and additionall it is a magic attack and low mana to summon if summon correctly i am sure it will be a powerful monster in your team.



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