SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! 26/1/2023




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Limitations explain

1.Up to Eleven: All monsters have the Amplify ability
2.Armored Up: All monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat
3.20 mana
4.All Deck Usable


Based on what i think the tricky part of this match is that all Decks are usable and you does not know what the opponent might be using, if you choose the right deck to use you already have an advantage in this match. Higher leveler cards definitely is an advantage when you are facing a lower level monsters however do take note higher level cards will not bring you far if you does not have the right skills in choosing the monsters to summon.


Since this match already provide you with extra armor, unless you are sure that opponent is using melee/ range base attacks if not it will not be so useful to have more armor, the worst scenario is you are facing magic attack monsters. What i think is that using Death Deck Thaddius Brood is a good choice against any attack based if you meet magic attack opponents their attack and HP is lessen, if you meet melee/ ranged base attack monsters you lessen their HP. In another words you always gain slight advantage using Thaddius Brood, the rest will depends on the monsters that you are summoning. The first monster that i summon is Wicked Windeku, my reason for summoning it is because of the fact that even though based on last few matches by the opponent using magic attacks so i guess this match will probably be so too but i cannot be complacent. Wicked Windeku has high HP and high HP monsters are a good defender for magic attacks, at the same time if the opponent choose melee base the ability "Thorn" will be very effective against them. A good combination i like to employ is try to summon more that 1 Sneak monsters if the match mana allows, this will help you to take down opponent monster in 1 or 2 turns when both Sneak monsters couple their attacks. I put Uraeus at the last slot and not Silent Sha-Vi as Uraeus have an additional armor and that might be using against opponent sneak attack when needed. After the deduction of 2 Sneak monster and a tanker i am only left with 1 mana to utilize. From what i observe speed might be one of the factor in this match also and with 1 mana mostly will not give me the luxury of summoning any powerful monsters. Glad that i have Creeping Ooze in my neutral Deck and it only cost 1 mana to summon although it does not attack but slowing down the speed of opponent monsters and at the same time acting as an extra tank is very worth for just 1 mana. After finishing my team lineup i still have an extra slot and not wasting this slot a 0 mana monster Corpse Fiend is summon to act as an additional tank.

Main tanker

0 mana monster

Buff Monster

Sneak monster

Sneak monster

Round 1:

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Round 2:

Screenshot 2023-01-26 151404 2.png

Round 3:

Screenshot 2023-01-26 151434 3.png

Round 4:

Screenshot 2023-01-26 151514 4.png

Round 4E:

Screenshot 2023-01-26 151542 4E.png

Into the match

The opponent indeed use a more magic attack base lineup but my Wicked Windeku is there to benefit in throwing thorns damage to opponent second reach monster. This gives me a big advantage but tearing down some armor points for opponent second monster.

Did your strategy really works?

I cannot deny the fact that some of my monsters are in higher level that the opponent that constitute to me winning this match but i really make a good choice in choosing the right Summoner and lineup, tank to tank the damage, decreasing opponent monsters speed so that attack misses possibility is lessen and Sneak monsters to throw in as much damage as they can.

Liking for Wicked Windeku❤️❤️

I really like this monster a lot, however due to its high mana to summon and if the match mana is very limited i am not able to summon monsters like Silent Sha-vi which is quite important in Death Deck also. Other than that i think this monster is great for tanking both melee and magic attacks.



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