SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! 29/09/2022




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Limitations explain

1.Aim True - Melee and Ranged attacks always hit their target.
2.Stampede - The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed
3.17 Mana
4.Only Fire, Life, Death, Earth, Dragon Decks

o mana monster

Amazing Warrior

Sneak monster

Round 1:

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Round 2:

Screenshot 2022-09-29 110457 2.jpg

Round 3:

Screenshot 2022-09-29 110538 3.jpg

Round 4:

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This is sort of the first brawl battle since i open Gladius pack. I managed to bag a Quora Towershead card and its amazing stats and ability amazed me to try it out. /basically i was allocate 17 mana for this match, adding in Quora Towershead + the summoner already took up more than half of the mana allocation. Additionally in brawl matches we are not able to see last few previous matches of the opponent/ unable to guess what type of team will the opponent be playing. Therefore my best bet for the last few mana after Quora Towershead is Uraeus. As Uraeus come with an extra armour it might be handy as long as the opponent is not using any magic attack against it. Since i have more than enough slots to put other monsters but lack of mana is the problem and 0 mana monster is a good option to put either for defense or even attack is always a good choice.

Into the match

Upon seeing the opponent lineup i thought i am going lose this match as my sneak attack/ attack is not strong enough + my Uraeus speed is lower than both of the opponent Sneak monster, to sum it up my monster is at a total disadvantage and should be down in no time. Indeed just 1 round my Fungus Fiend and Uraeus is down already leaving only my Quora Towershead as the laststand.

Did your strategy really works?

I think my strategy does not works very well in this match but i also cannot denied the fact that the extra damages if land on Quora Towershead might have another ending. Most probably i am being lucky by having Quora Towershead in my lineup to withstand and inflict all the damages to and from the opponent. Managed to have a Win in this match due to Quora Towershead

Liking for Quora Towershead❤️❤️

I get this card from my first Gladius Pack and liking for it maybe not so fast but i am very amazed by its attributes and also ability without the attribute and ability i guess it is not so power already. Hoever the downside is it is very mana intensive so is like if you put it into your lineup you must sacrifice some hefty mana and maybe totally change your strategy. I do really find Quora Towershead is like the Spartans strong and powerful!😅



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