Social Media Challenge! 11/01/2023



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Participating Characters / Battle Limitations:

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Main tanker

Second tank monster

Scavenger monster

Sneak Monster

Sneak Monster

This is a 30 mana allocation match. The tricky part of this match is that there is a match limitation of "Earthquake" which means every monsters will take damage at the end of every turn. So in order to increase the odds in winning this match with "Earthquake" is to have a flying summoner. There is a few strategy to win this match
1.Summoning flying summoner

  1. Summoning flying monsters
  2. Monsters that is strong enough to withstand all the damage by opponent monsters and let the "Earthquake" take down the opponent monsters.
    4.Play it like normal matches where you take down the opponent one by one

I choose a mixture of option of 1 ,3 and 4 when you choose only an option you must be certain that opponent is not using a strategy the same strategy as you, if not your odds of winning is drop back to the same as before. Djinn Chwala as my main tanker even though it is only level one but it already have a high armour of 5 as long as opponent is using range or melee a high armour of 5 is able to stall a few rounds and having the opponent take damage from the "Earthquake" and not forgetting the HP also, to sum it up Djinn Chwala can be a good time staller but if you face a magic team this might be totally different case. The Second tank monster although without armour i choose it because it has the "Thorns" ability as i assume the opponent will have melee attack monster and "Thorns" will be very effective and Cursed Windeku although without armour a high HP of 9 is also very useful in buying time. Third monster Riftwing not an attacker nor inflicting damage to the opponent but it has the ability "Scavenger" which health can be as powerful as Djinn Chwala or even higher when more monsters are taken down. Following on is one of the most powerful Sneak monster in the Death Deck and have a high HP of 5 which means even if being attack it can stay long in the match while throwing damage at the same time. Uraeus as the last monster not just only it is a sneak monster but also because it has an extra armour which makes it to be a good tanker also.