Social Media Challenge! 20/09/2022



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Participating Characters / Battle Limitations:

Screenshot 2022-09-22 112347 BL.jpg

Low mana tanker

Low mana range monster + armour

6 mana range attack monster attack

This match does not allows the usage of melee monster. Most of the time i will use magic monster from the water deck, but put into consideration of the 16 mana allocation and water deck cant be use my choice can only be range monster. As this match the mana allocated is scare i choose Venari Heatsmith although it does not have attack but it has an armour which can be very useful for range and melee matches but in this match will be range attacks, i make a bold assumption of the opponent is summoning range monster and not magic monsters. This will make my Venari Heatsmith monster armour to good use. What i think that this makes a good tanker for low mana matches and additionally i need not really be afraid even if my opponent is using magic attack because of the Venari Heatsmith Void Armour ability (which will helps to reduce magic damage) The scenario that will most probably makes my strategy fail is that opponent is summoning heavy magic attack monsters which is mostly unlikely with the mana allocation of this match. Most of the time i will put more than one tanker especially in range matches as range monsters will not be able to perform which is also equals to waiting to be taken down by opponent only without giving any damage, they are only able to gives out damage unless they have the Close Range ability that enable them to do so. To me this match is more of a saving mana and at the same time bringing out the hightest attack damage yourt team of monsters are able to, so i choose Pyromancer althought the speed and attack of this monster is more to the average range but what attracts me is the blast ability which will be very useful in low mana matches, which is like having 2 monsters attacking at the same time. After making the choice of Pyromancer and Venari Heatsmith, i am only left with a couple of mana and i would need to make my choice here, either i will want to have a more defence or a more offensive team buildup. In the end i believe in Venari Heatsmith is able to do his job well so i decide to summon Lava Spider for a more offensive play.