Don't kill some insects.

Some kill any insects that they see in their gardens, but many insects are beneficial to the eco-system.

Now would you touch this dangerous creature? No, as some will run to fetch their can of poison spray.

But in the meantime this guy is totally harmless and he was just doing his job of pollinating the flowers. Without pollinators we would have no fruits or flowers. By pollinating I mean that the insects collect the male spores on a flower and they pass it on to the female cells of other flowers and that is how flower production occurs. I have tried to keep this non technical and basic.

This is a Large Black Nest Chafer (Diplognatha gagatps).

Of course after his death play he came alive and I put him down in a safe spot to enjoy his life.

And here is a different insect.

An Afican Giant Wasp officially called a Black Mud Dauber (Delta emarginatum)
074 (2).JPG

No, no, I would not try to pick this one up, as wasps do not like to get picked up. Besides, it could be very painful to pick one up :)

Feeding in tandem with one of our best pollinators-a bee.

Now why would I say that bees are some of our best pollinators?

Well bees do not only pollinate flowers and fruits, but they also give us honey as a thank you gift. Sadly some bee populations in other countries are becoming endangered and it would be the biggest mistake of mankind if all the bees were to disappear. No more fruits and flowers would be the result. I cannot even imagine that and they say that because we destroy their habitats the bees are becoming endangered. Pesticides also play a big role in endangering the bee populations.
So we are not only wrecking this planet with our toxic gasses and plastic waste, but we also spray the life out of our insect populations.
I will not even talk about the sorry state of our rivers, wetlands and dams.
Mass suicide is what I call it.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

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What beautiful pictures you have captured with your camera.

Bees are one of the most valuable animals without them there would be no pollination and how could we have food to live on.

But that they sting hard, there is no denying it.