The dove ordered a UFO.

Not everyday that we see a small white space ship in our garden.
I think it's the latest Uber space taxi and the wet dove wanted to go home.

First two photos are trick shots, and I hope that you will enter into my mind so that we can travel into space. My one purpose in life is to get people to smile, and at times I get it right. But then there are those that are allergic to smiles, and this is also for them as a vaccine to get them smiling.
Come and have a look.

Here below the space ship was waiting and as the dove jumped down onto it in a big white flash the taxi was gone.

The two squirrels that you can see here, were also desperately popping in and out for nuts.

Here was a big surprise. Sally our wild Egyptian goose was so impatient that she rushed Marian and took food from her hand.

Normally, Marian drops the bread into the bucket and then Sally would come and eat. But not this time, as Sally was wet and she grabbed the first slice.

Plonked into the bucket to wet the slice in order to eat it.

As usual, the doves arrived to take care of the food that Sally didn't eat.

And this is what the king of the castle does on a very wet and cold day.

Okay, that spaceship was not really a spaceship, as it is the reflection of our study light in the window through which I took the photo. But of course, I like to conjure imaginary incidences and it really looked very spaceship-ish for lack of a better word.
This morning the rain is gone, and we will have another cold and lovely sunshine day.
I hope that you have enjoyed the photos and the story.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

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