Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Tips on how to survive the New Rewards System in Bronze.



Hello Hivians & Splinterlands.

Last week for my now weekly Splinterlands Social Media Challenge I shared my struggles with the new rewards system as a Newbie that's been playing for a little bit more than a month. I'm playing in Bronze League and only played for two seasons prior to the new rewards season. With the old system if you're a new not so good player like me you could easily win a Daily Quest chest and if you reach Bronze II 7 Season's Chests witch makes a total of 21 Chests per Season.

After playing for 7 days in the new system, winning a Focus Chest was mission impossible (You need 300 FP for your first chest). At the beginning of the season everybody starts at the bottom (Bronze III) with 100 Rank Points. At this level, If you have limited card power like me you can only hope to win 1 to 6 FP & SP a long long way to 300! As a double whammy with the new Season bots disappeared and the level of players I was paired with was higher and battles were harder to win. I had to play much more than in the previous seasons to win a few battles and after 7 days I made it to 3 Seasons Chests. But by playing so much I depleted my Capture rate so I won even less on each battle.

New Earning System at the bottom of Bronze III

My estimates were very gloomy as I forecasted that I could win a maximum of 6 to 8 Seasons Chests, far from the 21 won with the old reward system. I really needed to get out of this vicious circle and change strategies. I stoped playing for 2 or 3 days in order to restore my Capture Rate. I used this time off the game to rent out the few cards I own and earn a bit of DEC.

Once I came back I forgot about the Focus Challenge and concentrated in wining my battles and win rank points. The higher your ranking the better your rewards. Once you reach Bronze III you can expect to win 60+100 SP and FP per battle, more than 10 times what you can expect at the bottom of the league. At this level the Focus Quest is not impossible anymore as you just need to win 3 to 5 battles to win your first chest. And I did!!! After struggling for 9 days that first chest felt so good, even if it ended up being a Potion LOL. Encouraged by the results I decided to rent a couple of summoners and a few extra cards from my focus splinter this way I would only have a 0% to 30% Starter Card Reward Reduction instead of the 50% to 75% i use to have by using only my limited collection completed with Starter Cards.

I've also noticed that at the end of the season it was easier to win battles, all the best players had ranked up and I was finally match with players of the same level than me. I no time I starter winning more and more FP and CP and in 3 days I ended up winning 7 Focus Chests and 15 Season's Chests. Who would have thought??? Considering that it took me 7 days of grinding to win only 3!!!

Day 14 I finally win 3 Focus Chests

So at the end of the Season I was able to win 7 Focus chests and 16 Season's Chests so 2 more than in the old system. Not bat at all as I was almost ready to give up after 7 days!

End of Season Rewards .

In conclusion if you want to make it with the new rewards system here is my strategy for the next season:

  • Stay away at the start of the Season. Wait for the best players to rank up, protect your Capture rate & win some precious DEC by renting out your cards.

  • When you come back forget the Focus Quest, and forget about FP and SP. Concentrate on ranking up by using the bests cards to win your battles, even from the starter pack.

  • Once you reach at least Bronze II you can finally concentrate on FP and SP. Rent a few cards of your Focus for the day (including summoners if possible) and play enough to win 1 to 3 Focus chests. Don't play too much not to deplete your Capture Rate below 75%.

Has anyone else experienced the same? What is your strategy for the next season?

And now the sherry on the cake: I was really excited to open my season's rewards, not knowing what to expect, during my last season I got 6 potions out of 7 chests. But you won't believe what I got this season. I started with 4 DEC, 1 DEC and a Pelacor Bandit, And then look what happened with chest nb 4:

Opening My End of Season Chests

Yes!!! I got a freaking Legendary. My first ever. So exciting!!! The Djinn Oshannus really made my day after all the grinding and a not so glorious start of the season. I didn't even know you could get legendaries in Bronze League. I can't believe it!

More end of Season's rewards

The rest of the 16 chests were a combination of DEC (Nothing to sneeze at), potions and common cards. Also Another Rare Card: Vampiric Blossom! If I didn't get the Legendary this card alone would have been a thrill. Overall I feel that the chests rewards are much better than with the previous system, but maybe it's just luck! Did you experience the same?

If you haven't played Splinterlands yet and wish to give it a try please click on the link below:

See you all in the battlefield!


Thanks for sharing! - @libertycrypto27

The new Ranked Rewards system has many elements to consider and there are many possible strategies to follow that depend on many factors.
I wish you the best with your strategy which seems to me to be a good strategy for a Bronze player using a portion of starter cards.
Congratulations on your first legendary card that will be very useful in increasing the battle strength of your collection