Bart finally meets the Truckasaurus! | The Simpsons: Hit & Run. | Gameplay&Mini-guide.

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The Simpsons Hit&Run is a third-person, Action and open-world videogame, which was published in the year 2003 by Vivendi Games under license of Fox Company. This amazing videogame was developed by Radical Entertainment for PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Microsoft Windows and Xbox. I can say you one thing about this game, and that thing is: imagine this game as a Grand Theft Auto but on the simpsons universe.

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Mini-guide #12.

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Today's adventure continues with Dr Frink, who tasks us with getting a slushie blender, so Bart remembers that Dr Nick Riviera may have one of these, and so our first mission stop of the day is with Riviera.

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When we arrive at the meeting with Dr. Riviera, he is very upset, and when we ask him if he could help us with the problem of the slush blender, Dr. Nick tells us that this is not possible now, because he lost his monkeys, after they escaped as a sign of dissatisfaction with all the experiments that Dr. Riviera usually carries out on them. Thus begins the first part of the mission, which consists of finding the 30 escaped monkeys.

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a) At the start of the search for the 30 monkeys, Bart realises that he will need a large vehicle to transport them all. Therefore, the game initially suggests that you purchase a Mr Plow for 200 coins, which you can buy from Homer Simpson, diagonally across the street from Dr Nick's location.

Note: You can carry out this mission with another large vehicle, but due to the good power-to-weight ratio of the Mr Plow, I strongly suggest you use it to collect all the monkeys.

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b) I advise you to capture the monkeys in an orderly fashion at the beginning of this mission, because there are 30 of them and they are scattered around the search area. Therefore, I invite you to capture all the monkeys in one sector first and then those in another sector, so that you don't waste time capturing them in the middle of the mess.

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c) During the walkthrough, you should always be aware of the location of the repair keys so that you can repair your Mr Plow, as Mr Plow is likely to take a lot of damage due to the amount of traffic on the streets of Springfield, as well as the intricacies of some of the monkey locations.

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d) After going through the whole area, you will notice that a monkey is on a roof of a shop. For this last reason, I recommend you to do step b) so that you can get there in time to pick up this last ape, because you will have to get off Mr Plow and jump over the air conditioner and use his momentum to get on the roof of the shop.

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So, finally Dr Nick supplies us with the slushie blender that Frink asked for in order to complete the Truckasaurus.

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After giving Dr Frink his mixer, he tells us that in order to finish building his Truckasaurus, he first needs to destroy the vehicles of the mobile phone users, because it is very likely that the signal emitted by these phones can interfere with the signal emitted by the remote control that Frink has created for his Truckasaurus, and that is why he needs to destroy the vehicles of the users which could cause an accident of major proportions, and this is something Frink is not prepared to deal with.

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e) Before starting the mission, I suggest that you use the Mr Plow again for this mission, due to its good speed, maneuverability and damage resistance, which makes it the ideal vehicle to carry out this mission. You will have approximately 2 minutes to destroy each of the vehicles.

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f) If you manage to destroy each car in the shortest time possible, this will make things much easier for you because you will be able to accumulate more time to destroy the other cars, as each car will be given, as I mentioned before, a time of 2 minutes per car.

Finally, each car has its own trajectory, which makes it relatively difficult to ambush them.

Note: Keep an eye on the damage your car is taking, so keep the repair keys located in case your car's integrity is compromised. Although if you use Mr Plow as suggested in instruction e), I doubt you will have much trouble completing this mission.

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Once you have finished destroying the vehicles, you will have to drive back to the stadium where Dr. Frink is located and complete the assigned mission. You will have the time you have managed to accumulate during the destruction of the vehicles to reach the stadium in time.

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Bart finally manages to meet Frink's Truckasaurus, and then flees the stadium.

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When leaving the stadium, Bart is illuminated by a blinding light from the sky, which will abduct Bart and lead to the events of episode 3 of The Simpsons: Hit & Run missions.

This concludes episode 2 of missions.

See you on Springfield...

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Well this is all for today, fellows. I hope you like this format of post made it by me, he he i know that it's some experimental kind.

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