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-| First of all, blessings for y'all.

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen to my adventures in Super Mario Bros 3, this time I have managed to finish World-2 (Desert Land), but this has not been an easy task at all, because in this final stretch of World 2, I had to face many enemies, like a Boomerang Brothers, and as a final test, I had to fight a duel with the evil Morton Koopa Jr, since he had been the culprit of the transformation into a spider of the king of the castle of Desert Land. Without further ado, let today's adventure begin!

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Our first stop of the day turned out to be the location of the last of the Boomerang brothers that were still plaguing the entire Desert Land. For this confrontation I was pretty confident, as I was going to face him in Racoon Mario mode.

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As you can see in my gameplay, this time it was quite easy for me to defeat the boomerang brother, in order to obtain a hammer that was given to me after defeating this enemy. The hammer goes straight into my inventory, and becomes an option to use later on.

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After defeating the previous enemy, I went directly to the pyramid stage which can be seen on the map, and which precedes the final castle of World-2. At the start we enter directly into the pyramid, where we are first greeted by the infamous Buzzy beetles, which will come in very handy later on due to the usefulness of their quasi-indestructible shells.

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In this pyramid we will find that we will have to destroy many rock walls in order to find our way to the exit, so you have two options:

1) In the form of Racoon Mario it is very simple to destroy these walls by just using your tail and hitting the walls so you can continue.

2) If you are not in Racoon Mario form, then you have the more complicated option, which is to jump on the Buzzy Beetles, and once they are face down, take their shells and move them close to the wall and throw them towards the stone wall in order to destroy it and move on. But be careful when doing this, as the shells will return to you quickly after destroying the rock wall.

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To pass under the stone walls, as I show you in the picture above, you just have to run fast to the wall and press the down arrow. In my gameplay you can see in more detail what I mean ;)

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I suggest you pay close attention to the image above, because in it, I indicate where a magic block is located, which will help you to access the upper left pipe, and enter an area that has a very good amount of rewards.

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When you access the area that leads to the pipe, you will find a lot of blocks to break and coins to obtain. In this gameplay, thanks to the help of these coins I was able to reach the desired amount of 100 coins and gain an extra life.

Note: If you enter as mario(small mario), then it will be very useful to activate the magic block that has the purple button with the letter "P", because when you activate this block, then the blocks will be placed in the opposite direction, making it easier for you to collect the coins.

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Immediately after leaving the previous area you will come across another area blocked by a wall of rocks, and where a lot of Buzzy Beetles tend to appear, which will make it very difficult for you to get through this area without losing lives or transformations. My advice is to keep a close eye on the Buzzy Beetles that walk along the ceilings, as they tend to be confused with their head trajectory, making their movements quite unpredictable.

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Finally we face the Boomerang brother who defends the exit of the Pyramid level, in order to obtain another card.

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Before entering the final castle of World-2, I used the fire flower I had available in my inventory, in order to change into "Fire Mario" form, and go in with enough firepower to face the possible final boss.

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Next we meet a Toad in distress, as he explains that the king has been transformed into a spider by the evil Morton Koopa Jr, and thus asks us to retrieve the king's magic sceptre, which is in the possession of the evil Final Boss of World-2, namely Morton Koopa Jr.

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In this way, we get on the flying boat, to finally face Morton, but this will not be easy because before we will have to overcome a hard level that is full of enemies. In this level there are many cannons that will be shooting at us many bullets randomly, which makes it more difficult to reach the end of this level.

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When we were reaching the final part of the Airship level, we encountered a new kind of enemy, named "Rocky Wrench". Rocky is a mole-like turtle, and his attack mode is to throw mech spanners at Mario. The Rocky Wrench was no problem for me, due to my decision to use the Fire Flower before starting this level.

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This Boss is much stronger and faster than the Boss from World-1, which makes him a formidable opponent. In order to defeat him, I had to work hard, and it was because I was using the Fire Mario form that I was finally able to defeat him using the mario form, because if the fight had lasted a little longer, I wouldn't have been able to defeat him on the first try.

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Finally, after defeating Morton, we manage to retrieve the magic sceptre and return the king to his original bodily form, thus ending World-2 of Super Mario Bros 3, and beginning World-3, the water world.

I am now going for World-3 (Water-Land).


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-This Game it's been emulated on "Jnes" v1.1 emulator.

Hope you a very nice day, fellows.

See u soon :)

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All the screeshots were taken from my Pc-Screen.

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