What is the value of 1000$ USD for me..

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Hello all hive users
Hope you all are fine and doing well
so i just saw this contest which was organized by @bhattg. So like everyone else I thought why not participate in this. It was @Bhattg who introduce me to this platform, so it means more to me that I should also be a part of this contest.
So now the question is what is the value of 1000$ for me?
Well,If 1000 $ is converted into Indian currency then its value will be around 78000 rupees . in India, it will be a great amount.especially for me it would be a huge amount😅
If we talk about now, then I earn around 100$ from my job, In this 100$ I bear all my expenses whether it is rent or groceries or anything else
(Although i have to ask for money from family members too, that thing is different.😅)
So if I had 1000$ it would be about 10 times of my salary.After this I will not have to depend on anyone for my expenses.Along with this, there will be a lot of changes in my daily routine.I can do many such important things which I cannot do due to lack of money. I can meet almost all my needs, Like I can rent a nice flat to live in.
And the biggest thing is that I can start saving for my future plans, which I have not been able to do at all till now.I can also invest some part of my income. what I've been thinking of doing for a very long time.
Honestly, Here 1000$ is such an amount in which a family can live well .Although I'm a little over ambitious But for now 1000$ is the amount for me in which I can live my dreams
So it's the value of 1000$ to me.
Thank you for reading....🤗


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