145: Childish Cartoon Arts

Hi hivers, I wanna use this opportunity to give a special salutation to y'all, I owe you guys my utmost gratitude for working hand in hand to ensure that this highly esteemed community keeps moving forward, @digi-me you're doing just well

Never getting tired of the weekly contest arrangements and many other proceedings associated with this community

So as a participant of this week's contest.....I picked interest in some graffitis, cartoon artwork actually meant to convey funny to toddlers in the most simplest and funniest way

These are arts from a nearby children playground designed only for children....so eye-catching you know

Here's an art of a female pupil with her school and her pet going along with her to school.....teaches a lesson in the importance of education

Here's an art illustrating the internal parts if the human body in a diagram.....we see the delicate parts such as the anus, pulmonary artery, mitral valve amongst the others...... explaining just what the human body is made up of

This is a library with books on the shelf, a duck dashes on the blue colored book ready to absorb the content..... simply put, it teaches kid to be studious

And finally, this particular art which appears to be the last portrays Tom and Jerry on the green field having fun telling us that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

And today's art is done and dusted, we do it again same time next week...... byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🤞


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