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Hey guys, I'm happy to be here again after what seemed like ages, I'm quite sorry about that yunno, it's my busy schedule
So today, I came in contact with artworks that caught my interest, I really couldn't walk past

It's that of a school, Fastville international school to be precise, located at Ifa Atai, Uyo. The artworks are very captivating and attracts little kids as it appeals to the eyes

This art is that of the school bus on its way to transport the pupils from home to school at ease, it has the school's acronym (FIS) on it

Here are two pupils about to go to school, they're super excited to go to school as their facial expression exposes how happy they are, with delightment they wave goodbye to mom and dad

Those are the calculation signs well imprinted on the wall
The multiplication sign (*)
Division sign(/)
Addition sign(+) and of course
Subtraction sign(-)

This particular art portrays a Spiderman in action, a cartoon loved by kids

This is an artwork of a female pupil who's in a hurry to get to school, maybe she's late hence the race......what a serious minded pupil she is🤣

This is an alphabetical/numerical art showing a bolder 123/ABC, it's is well fancied and decorated and makes learning easy

Here's the school name boldly moulded and pasted to the wall

Artworks sends messages across without words, the drawings itself informs the public of what they really wanna know
Art is life
It adds beauty and meaning to life

Regards @digi-me


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