Soursop it's kind

Hellllooooo there...........
It's your miss agriculturist again, I've missed you guys alot, I mean a whole lot

You know, I made some research on one of my favourite agricultural produce,'s actually a fruit and I can't wait to share it all with my agricultural family

Soursop is a tasty fruit with seeds....kinda looks like fig from the outside but the edible part is different
Soursop fruit has choky outer peels which can hurt when handled carelessly
SOURSOP is a with about 83% fibre content and takes sometime to mature(2-5yrs) since its a perenial crop

This fruit is one of it kind that's why it's my favourite, I call it shawashawa...smiles that's the local name for it over here. But would you like to know the actual name or this fruit?? It's called SOURSOP

Soursop fruit contains an average of about 30-200 seeds.....soursop is known to be an antioxidant that fights sicknesses and boost immune health as well. It is known to have a high content of zinc, iron, vitamin E and C and capable of defending the body against pathogens
But it's not advisable that humans consume soursop in large quantities as juice or desserts as it's natural concentration is inconsiderably high but there are some group of people that are not expected to consume soursop

  • High BP patients
  • Pregnant women
  • Diabetic patients

The reason:
When consumed by such individuals could cause nausea and vomiting besides it's natural sugar content is much already

Apart from the fruit...lets talk about the seeds too
Well, let me shock you
The seeds are recommended to be highly useful too
Though toxic, it is advisable that the seeds be chewed once in a while as it can

Kill cancer cells
Reduce inflammation
And stabilize sugar levels

So they're super useful too
How about the leaves?
The leaves could serve the above purposes when the juice is squeezed out and drank

Soursop is worth tasting, I love it so much
Try it out and tell us the feeling via the comment section
Agriculture is worth the revolves round our satisfaction and pleasure