The White's pleasure


Contest photo by @wakeupkitty

From the current
Above the waters
On the sea

We looked and saw
The white men
In a yacht.......
Headed to our direction
Yes the dry land

We were stunned
Because they were stunning
They anchored
Off they came
To the shore to chill

I looked and saw
A white couple
I was thrilled
As they had so much fun
In an unknown land

They felt at peace
And tranquility watched over them free they were
In a distant land

We became friends instantly
I and the couple I mean
We dined and wined together
And our racial differences was never a barrier

Although a teenager
I felt like I was so grown
That feeling you know
It boosted my ego

I held them in hostage
The tears......
As I bade them goodbye

Awaiting their return soonest
I'll be joining them on their second visit
To experience freedom in a foreign land
Atleast that they did promise


The freedom in a foreign land is rarely or should I say barely what you think it is once you no longer celebrate holiday but start to live there.
A promise made is one you can only make come true yourself.

Loved your entry.