Earning money with splinterlands!


Earning money with splinterlands!


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Splinterlands game is an online collectible card game using blockchain technology like hive, Bitcoin, and it can be shared on different social media platform to create an awareness. Every single card in the game is owned as a non-fungible token (NFT) and is traded using similar features to cryptocurrencies.

If you have never played collectible trading card, I encourage you to participate. It is exciting to place to be, you will not only engage for money’s sake, you will learn how to apply wisdom, when it comes to life.

Splinterlands community as a gaming platform has been a blessing to me in financial aspect and my knowledge of learning games in different ways.

Here, on splinterlands, cards are available to buy and could be sold through online marketplaces. Splinterlands platform is a very lucrative forum for skilled players with the best cards. You play skillfully and earn million of Naira.

My liking for games are growing day by day. Could you imagine, I learned a game called, monopoly yesterday after my morning class, the gap for my next class was long, so I decided to head to students relaxation center, to have fun with other students? While I was playing ludo game, one of our students called my attention and asked, if I am interested in playing monopoly game, I told him, I don't how to play. He taught me and shown how to play. At a start, I struggled to understand,the game was tactic, while the game was going on, I got to understand how it is played and the joy came. It was interesting, fun, cruising and exciting. I can't wait to play next time, though it doesn't earn physical cash but helps our cognitive cells to strategize.

Earning money with Splinterlands game is lovely and encouraging. Players earn real money in this splinterlands game through tournaments, quests, and ranked play. I mean I have cash out thousands of Naira through splinterlands game and it has been of help to me,in terms of my personal needs. Not only this, boost my HP, and my investment like, SPS, and GLX.

In-game battles there are lineups of characters we can pick, monsters and summoners. Each of this has their characteristics to execute.

Narrowing down to,


This can perform different kinds of attacks or abilities. Cards have different source, showing how powerful they are.

These are the cards attributes;

  • Health.
  • Speed
  • Armor.
  • Attack.
  • Abilities
  • Mana cost.
  • Splinter.

And there are main elements used:

  • Earth.
  • Water.
  • Life.
  • Fire.
  • Death.
  • Dragon.

This game is interesting and more life lessons to learn. I hereby, recommend splinterlands gaming community as the best gaming community for everyfor hime users.

Great job for splinterlands team for creating this idea. I believe within the shortest period of time, this gaming platform would be engaged by many. Get to play and earn.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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