How do you feel about Hive Market Today!

How do you feel about Hive Market Today!


Well, Hive price today is better than other days, we've been complaining of low rate of Hive. With 24 hours trading volume $9. 46m. Hive is +3.57 now, if you check your hivestats wallet or account. It is a bit high $0.41.

How do I feel about Hive price.

However, Hive price is annoying some times.. in the last 24 hours, it was 0.45 now it is $0.41 instead of increasing the volume. Moreso, is favourable to some investors to trade and some investors even expect more increase of it.

In the real sense, I felt bad because Hive is not a stable coin like that of HBD though there is a slight issue of this ( - Hive and + Hive). If it is stable , they everything will be fine.

Hive can fluctuate, disappoint, discouraged, and drains out and at the same time, Hive can cause smile on people's faces.

The price of market is booming and is the best time to reap what you sow. Many who accumulated hive when the price was low, would actually gained from it.

Just this morning, that I went through my hivestats account, I realized that the price of hive is a bit higher, $0.41.

Let's keep hoping that market prices on Hive would be great. Keep hoping and don't loose your hope in investing.

Thank you for reading my blog.

I love, I care, and I forgive.

I remain @peckypeace.