New scare tactics, beware of the “Twindemic”…


After the pandemic, now the Twindemic

I always choked in my coffee this morning when I read about the feared so called “Twindemic”, the notorious experts are now talking about.

Apparently we now have to fear a double pandemic of influenza and Covid. Because of the insane measures that were taken the last two years the immunity against influenza is too low in the population and that combined with a new Covid wave would once again flood the hospitals.

Well… duh, that’s the reason in the first place that people shouldn’t be forced to stay away from each other. Immunity can only be reached if have connection and contact with one another. These decisions of the last two years were so stupid, we now have to face another “scary” winter.
At least that’s what they tell us. Let’s hope they are not so crazy to enforce those measures once again upon us.
Because that would prolong the situation again for another year…

Common sense

I think it’s time common sense takes over and we are catapulted back a few years in time, where there was no place for these crazy decisions.

Life is made to be lived in company of other people, and not in solitude!