Hard work doesn't define Success, Be a strategic planner

Just as I don't totally go against the place of hard work in, so also am not totally supporting those who believe that all good things comes via hard work, the place of hard work can't be overlooked too, but on most occasion I don't totally support that hard work brings good results or had the ability to change our financial life on most occasion.

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Maybe I should just try to share my opinion on what I see hard work as, according to definition.

Hard work

Hard is regarded as a great deal of effort or endurance.

To me, I sincerely see hard work as just a means of staying consistent on a particular thing irrespective of outcome at times, enduring results at times do make us learn more and come out with better result in our next trying, but based on my understanding I didn't totally agree that hard work brings success, it is quite possible that you keep on putting your efforts and time on the wrong things in terms of investment or businesses at times.

Constant effort is essential in life, especially when It comes to business too, but I don't believe that hard work becomes useless or is of no importance when there bis no strategic planning as to what we do.

Great Investor's today didn't really get big as a result of hard work as so many people may think or say, but constantly trying even after failing or having bad outcomes on businesses and investment actually got them to the level they are today, which means they keep on strategizing on what to do or bringing in new approach to their businesses until success is achieved.

Being a strategic planner doesn't really require being hard, but it means you have to be up to the task of having so many approaches when starting an investment or business.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to attain strategic goals.


This is definitely what I honestly think investor's or organization needs, strategizing your energy and fund will definitely help in attaining your specific goals, irrespective of how hard things might be.

That's why is significant that investors don't put all their hope in one business with the hope of hard work on that business will definitely bring positive results one day.

Strategic planning to me has so many definitions , but it simply means setting certain goals , determining actions to achieve such goals and having a timeline and mobilizing funds to execute such goals, it is not compulsory that hard work comes in, but having a quality process of formulation and implementation helps a lot in getting better results in business or investments.

Having a strategic planning helps when nit comes to life matters in generally, it's not just all ABK business or investments, but it's undoubtedly the best route to success for an Investor's as it helps in this following areas.

Helps in creating focus and tracking them.

Hard work might be vital, but having strategic plans towards all you do will absolutely help you to create focus and monitor your progress, investor's should understand that having an ability to monitor their business growth is significant and that will definitely help them to know how far they have gone too.

It's not all about hard work, but putting in place some level of technique to actually brings out one effort on a particular project or projects is critical as it comes with different strategies employed to carry them out.

It helps to identify your weaknesses and Strength

You can work all day without getting to know where your ability lays, but having strategic plans towards your business or investments helps you to monitor everything that as to do with it, and it gives you the ability to know your strength and weakness too, on most occasion expect cryptocurrency, having good plans towards your investment with efforts added it at times gives you a little insight of outcome you should expect.

Gives room for many options or alternatives.

Putting your eggs in one basket fails on most occasion, that was one of the biggest proverbs I grew up to know, which means having one direction without alternatives isn't good at all, as investor you must have many alternatives to look at in case any of your plans failed, now you see it's not hard work all alone, but, having some strategies plans helps to control your lose and failure too at times.

Just like I said earlier, hard work is important in life, and it has it own roles to plan in every of our activities in life, but being a strategic planner helps you limit the level of hard work and also gives you better results when it comes to businesses or Investments.

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