My proofofbrain/vyb goals for the Year


Being a pob-star is definitely one of my biggest aim for the year and with this have been trying to put all that is needed in place to make sure my #pob goals for the year is achieved, might be new here, especially when it comes to engagement, but having a target in the community is definitely one big thing that is helping my focus for the year.

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Might not have been a good starker of the community token called POB, but recently have been pushing so hard to make sure I have some in my wallet and invest, with time have not really done much, but been able to stake up to 49.34420706, this is not my best at all, but am currently pushing to make sure I earn more and staked.

My POB objective

Working towards my Year goals is undoubtedly paramount as that is the only way of getting the best out of the community, base on research have gotten to understand that proper engagement and investment in the community is capable of making one rich.


One of the best means of earning more in the community is by writing and this is one thing that have listed as part of my objectives for the year, giving valuable and quality content in the community as a strong means of promoting an individual and helping their growth in too in the community.

I might not be good at writing, but I'm putting in a lot of consistent to make sure that I write on a daily basis.

Large Engagement

Having a quality engagement profile too is significant and that's one thing I keep on working on too, been on the #POB engagement list on daily basis is definitely more important and that's one thing am currently working on too.

Over the past year, my level of engagement in the community as being that poor, but as part of my objectives am absolutely getting to make sure there is improvement in that section too.

5,000 POB/ vyb token to be staked

Irrespective of the figure I am having right now, that is definitely not something to bother about as my aim and goals is to get more in days to come, as part of my plans to achieve these feet, have being on constant writing and engagement too

Staking up to 5,000 POB/vyb token before the year run to end is very possible as there are all alternative's like buying from or exchanging Hive token for POB/vyb too.

Undoubtedly on the course to make sure there is an improvement in my POB life and also aiming towards becoming one of the POB/vyb whale's in years to come.

Thanks for reading

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