Vinpearl Land Hoi An - An interesting destination for tourists when visiting Hoi An ancient town


Hello everyone! My name is Phong Vu, I am very happy to see you all again, in my travel introduction post today. How are you today? After a week of work, on weekends, do you want to find somewhere to relax and re-balance your life? In my travel introduction article today, I want to share with everyone and entertainment area of the place where I live. I was born and raised in Quang Nam city and the amusement park here is located very close to my house. This amusement park is called Vinperl Land Nam Hoi An, located in Binh Minh commune, Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province. This place is located about 15km from the centre of Hoi An ancient town, if Hoi An ancient town is a place for tourists to visit the cultural heritage complex, of an ancient city more than 400 years old. Vinperl Land amusement park is the centre of leading entertainment services and is also the first and largest amusement park in Quang Nam province. Let's discover what's inside this amusement park

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Vinperl Land Hoi An amusement park, can be said to be one of the leading entertainment areas in the region. This place is located on Binh Minh beach. To get here, visitors can go from Da Nang city with a distance of 50km, if visitors go from Hoi An city, it will take about 15km. The entrance ticket price of Vinperl Land Hoi An amusement park is 550,000 VND for adults and children will be 350,000 VND, the operating hours of the amusement park will be from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. The entrance area of the amusement park is designed, with ships with sails reaching out to the sea, made of iron frames. Below the ships is a nightly water music performance. In front of the entrance is the ticket counter area, I was very eager to come to this amusement park and I took advantage of going quite early. Morning time is quite empty of tourists.

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After the ticket-checking procedures, I started to step inside the amusement park, the outside area was built in the style of European houses, on the left-hand side are Hoi An ancient houses. Between the two buildings is a river, with countless bridges crossing the river. The design of the modern and antique of the old town has given this place its beauty. Coming here, visitors can learn a lot of the characteristics of Hoi An city through the stalls located inside the old town area.

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Located at the end of the rows of houses in the European area, is the indoor game entertainment area. There are many electronic entertainment games here, and there are restaurants for tourists to visit. In addition, there is also a children's area, visitors with young children can play useful games here.

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After visiting the indoor amusement park, I started going to the water park area of this place. This is also my favourite place in this tourist area. The water park area is named Water World. The area has a lot of adventure games, with a Tornado whirlpool, and a Boomerang water slide. There is also a children's area at the water park, with a fish complex, which will be a suitable place for children to have fun this summer.

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Vinperl Land entertainment area Nam Hoi An can be said to be one of the interesting places for tourists to visit this summer, there are many areas that I have not mentioned yet. Maybe in my next post, I will write more about this place. Thank you everyone for reading my post today, have a nice day everyone.


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Such a nice place to visit. Greetings from the Philippines!


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