5 fascinating insects I found in my backyard

One noticeable feature in this photo is the number of pollens that this bee accumulated on its legs. This bee has been working hard early in the morning.
I never thought that flies have spikes on their back like this. This is the kind of angle that I don't normally shoot but I did because of the interesting feature on the body of this fly.
For this shot, I focused on the edge of the butterfly wings. I think that the black outline on its wings looks fascinating together with the bright/pastel yellow color of the wings.
A Lichen Moth! Now that the moss have been growing in our backyard, this moth is paying a vist to munch on them this season.
_What the heck is this? Any guess???

This is the head of a Stick insect!

How I wish that I could zoom on it further so I can show more details of it.

This Stick insect is probably the most fascinating insect I found today._

Early this morning, I was busy exploring our backyard to hunt some insects for my photography. I was lucky enough to spot a bunch of them that are actively roaming around our place. Most of the insects that I found today are quite common in our area except for one insect... the Stick insect.

I guess I was lucky enough to found one today because this kind of insect is very elusive and very difficult to find. The Stick insect can blend well with the surroundings and is perfectly camouflaged among ranches and twigs. If I'm not actively searching for this kind of insect then I would have found this one today. At first, the Stick insect freaked me out because it was already near my face until I noticed it moved a bit. They are very gentle in their movements because they have long legs that are slender. I guess their slow movement is part of their camouflage and they do it so well in their natural habitat.

I hope you enjoyed viewing this set of photos.

Have a great day everyone!

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