"Search For A New Light"



I had no clue what was ahead of me
All I knew was how to work with livestock
How to run a hand through my hair
How to plant your heart in the cold earth and watch it grow

I went to bed one night
My hunter blazing still
The signal coming up and then with a crack
I didn’t hear anything, and It's gone

I hear the song that's going around the city
That I'm trying to break into
Am I the only one who felt like something was missing
When the walls came tumbling down?

When we met it felt like you were sent to save me
Now time has made you my best enemy
It's like our battle is robbing me of the life that I love

We lost control as time crept over us
And old patterns just weren't working anymore
The wounds that cut us apart are too deep to heal
So we spent days looking for a new light.