"The Truth Sets You Free"


It's a new year and it's worth it to let go
You don't have to, even though for a time you all think of giving it all
And I don't know why, you get restless and you can't keep it all inside, honey
Maybe that's your story, maybe that's the story in your life

Maybe that story is theirs who said they always had your back
Who said they'd never leave you behind
No matter if things are right or how they end up
But forget that perfect future now

We'll just get much closer to where we're going
We're running outside right now
But think of the inner meaning as we write these things down today

The endless miles between us don't matter anymore
We'll keep on living without any shallower stories and truths love brings to light
The endless miles between us

The truth sets you free and it's a liberating thing
But sometimes it betrays you and leaves you feeling down
What a twist of fate and it's leaving me feeling so chaotic now

Truth sets people free…
Go and find the truth in all your dreams
Don't turn away from who you really are
Truth sets people free!