Some steps to achieve financial wealth

All, or almost all, of the people in this world want to achieve economic wealth, and how can you not want to do so, knowing that with money you can achieve so many things?

But although the vast majority of human beings crave wealth, few of us understand that to achieve it we must take a series of steps.

A few steps to financial wealth

I do not intend to enumerate through this brief post, all the steps that are required to achieve economic wealth, but I will talk about some of them, perhaps the most essential in this regard:

1- Start walking

Starting to walk, to develop ideas, to think, to put ideas into action, is one of the most important steps to achieve economic wealth in life. When you start walking, that is, when you get going, in action, you will be taking one of the most important steps that you can and should take to achieve economic wealth.


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Let's remember that old Chinese adage that says "A journey of 10,000 kilometers begins with a single step"; which means that to achieve any goal in life, be it complicated or simple, the first step is essential, because it will determine the beginning of your journey.

By trying something, and starting it, you have set your determination in motion and from then on, all things will already have a different shape, and yourself will have a different perspective on things.

2- Structure the ideas

When it comes to achieving wealth, one of the most effective, basic and fundamental steps is to start putting down on paper all the ideas we have in this regard.


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Because on paper, when we see the ideas, we will begin to understand exactly what we are going to need to start putting them into practice.

Suppose one of the ideas is that we want to start a fast food business? Ok, so by putting it down on paper, we will begin to understand everything we need to open our restaurant.

So, by structuring the idea in a kind of mental map or algorithm, we will see that to set up the restaurant, we will initially need premises, furniture, accounting records, payment of services, staff, etc. This will lead us directly to the fact that we will require capital to operate our fast food restaurant.

Knowing that we require capital, then the key question "How much capital do we need exactly or approximately?" will automatically come to our mind...

Asking ourselves this, and putting it down on paper, will allow us to structure everything we need and gradually investigate the real costs of everything that will be required to start the fast food business.

Suppose that when you finish taking the accounts, the number we have is $50,000; So now we know that we must get that capital, at least, to be able to open our restaurant.

All of this leads us to the question of where will we get such capital? Will we ask for a loan from the bank? Will we borrow money from a family member or friend, or will we look for a commercial partner?

Of course, we must also determine that if we already have, for example, $15,000 as capital, knowing that we need $50,000 to open the restaurant, then we just have to figure out how to get the remaining $35,000.

All this allows us to see and understand that structuring the ideas we have will allow us to achieve success faster and more efficiently, because it makes us see and understand things that we were not aware of at first.

3- Have several plans

One of the fundamental steps to obtain economic wealth (and success in whatever we aspire to in life), consists of having several plans.

Because if we have only one plan and that plan fails, then we have failed miserably. But if we have several contingency plans, we can overcome almost any obstacle to wealth that may come our way.

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Because every plan, no matter how good or excellent it may be or may seem, can fail, and that is why it is essential that we always have, apart from plan a, a plan b, c, d, e and f (at least).

Obtaining economic wealth is learning

If you know what it is to try to obtain economic wealth in this life, then you also know that it is a process of constant learning; that is to say, it is a learning that never ends, because those of us who have embarked on this path learn new and valuable things every day in this regard.

Basically, wealth is a path, and not a destination. Many people think that by obtaining financial wealth they have already achieved their goal and should not do anything else, but that is the perfect formula for not reaching it, or for losing it once it is achieved.

Actually, once we get to obtain a certain degree of economic wealth, we will realize that in order to maintain it and increase it more and more, we must always be learning, evolving and carrying out ideas and projects that allow us to achieve our goals.

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